Kyoto University Plan for Interdisciplinary Platforms

November 8, 2013 

3 million yen in aid funding available


Interested in starting a study group or workshop on your own theme?



I’ve wanted to hear from people in other fields and get their input on this research theme.


I have a study group that meets regularly but would like to hold it on a broader, university-wide scale.


I’ve been involved with this on a non-research basis but want to get together for intensive discussion with others that share my interest.



The Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research (C-PIER) is here to help.

We provide expertise and financial assistance, if needed, to those interested in assembling peers from different fields, stimulating dialogue, and making lasting connections.

(A link to the application form is at the bottom of this page.)


Plan Details

Application period:

November 11, 2013 to January 11, 2014 (approx. two months)


Anticipated project scale:

From 5 to 100 participants with plans to hold meetings between December 2013 and March 2014

Participants choose their own format, be it a study group (e.g., with a fixed number of lectures and question-answer sessions), a workshop (split into teams that meet for dialogue), or something else.


Venues (tentative):

Related Kyoto U. facilities (on-campus), with other locations off-campus possible


Application procedure:

Submission of application form (open format, several A4 pages) followed by an interview lasting about 1 hour

(Describe your theme of interest, implementation format, program plan, group scale, desired meeting venue, cost estimate, and anticipated follow-up plans after your project has concluded.)

Applications will be processed in the order received. The application period will close when all assistance funding (3 million yen) has been allocated.


Screening criteria:

Applications will be evaluated from a comprehensive perspective by a screening committee (meeting once a week) composed of personnel from C-PIER and the Research Administration Office. Application referees will focus their attention on the interdisciplinary aspects not only of the proposed theme but also its likely study participants and will also consider the prospects for continuation or elaboration of study projects beyond their planned schedules of activity.


Eligibility requirements for applicants:

Applicants must be faculty or staff members employed by this university. Additionally, if the project head is a Kyoto University faculty or staff member, then other invited project members may be Kyoto University undergraduate/graduate students or external participants from other universities or private companies.

Once your application is accepted, you will write a brief report after your study project has concluded. Furthermore, as a gesture of cooperation, you will be expected to include the text, “Hyakkasoumei Program for the Promotion of Research Universities” in your project poster and flier materials and on the front page of your website. Also, we will ask that you post your report on the researcher matching website and portal site for interdisciplinary study groups and independent seminars listed further below.


Scope of assistance with expenses:

Expenses associated with the arrangement of project venues, the preparation of fliers and posters, the invitation of guest lecturers, related travel, the creation of special project sites, the creation of application sites, and the purchase of post-it notes and other consumables (Accepted applicants will submit cost estimates to C-PIER, which will handle the relevant accounting procedures.)


Forms of assistance:

Advice on theme selection; assistance with efforts to publicize your project and solicit participation through digital newsletters and other media; assistance with the design and purchase of custom posters and advertising copy; facilitation advice (for example, tips on ways to foster discussion); and assistance with the creation of application sites, accessing virtual web conferencing systems, placing listings on this project portal site, etc.


Sample content

– Projects that involve in-depth reviews of specific themes


Multifaceted assessments of research on “awe and fear”

Multifaceted assessments of research on “the study of risk in the age of big data”

Extensive discussion and debate on “the image of the modern nation-state 100 years from now”


Brain-storming on a given theme


The generation of ideas on ways to get patients to share their true feelings

Sharing of views on the future of web search engines

Lively discussion on the diversity of potential applications for voice-navigation systems




Click the button below to apply for project assistance. (Japanease only)



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INput deta


Support Program for Study Groups and Workshops — “Want to Start a Project on Your Own Theme?”

Name of project head



                        Faculty member

                        Staff member



Email address

Project members

Enter the following information about each member: name, affiliation, and classification (faculty member, staff member, researcher, graduate student, employee, etc.). Start information for each additional member on a separate line.

Information about your project

Project title

Project implementation date (planned)

Year              month         day

Project venue (planned)

Expected number of participants

Format (planned)

                        Something resembling a study group or lecture format

                        Something resembling a workshop or world café

                        Other format (Provide details in the “Remarks” box further down.)


Expected cost (in units of 10,000 yen)


Prospectus (open format)

Be sure to upload as a PDF file.

* In your prospectus, please include details as appropriate on your theme of interest, the implementation format, the program plan, the expected number of participants, the desired venue for your group, a general estimate of costs, and your expectations regarding the continued study of your theme after the proposed project has concluded.



Enter any other requests, comments, or supplementary information in the box below.









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Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated November 12, 2013)


I am a term-limited researcher. May I still apply?

> Yes, of course.


Is it okay if we implement our project with budget funding combined from other sources like MEXT grants-in-aid for scientific research?

> No problem. We are here to provide not only financial support but also expertise that will give your project added momentum.