あなたの研究、旗揚げしませんか?:学際ユニット制度&分野横断プラットフォーム構築事業 合同説明会


The English description follows the Japanese.

日 時: 2024年5月24日(金)17:00-19:00 (19:00-21:00 全分野交流会)
会 場: 吉田キャンパス 京都大学国際科学イノベーション棟5階(アクセス
対 象: 本学教職員(ならびに、上記事業に関心あるURA等他大学教職員)
参加費: 無料 (引き続き、全分野交流会に参加する場合は参加費500円)


  • 多分野に横断する研究テーマを追求したいと思っている人
  • 学際的な研究グループの設立に関心がある人
  • 学際的な研究を行う仲間を探している人


  • 自分の追っているテーマは多分野に及ぶのではないかと思っている人
  • 自分の研究の視野・幅を広げたい
  • 異分野の人が集まり、ワークショップをしてみたい人


  • 多分野で研究をすることに悩みを持っている人


趣 旨

➡️ 学際センターユニット制度について

➡️ 分野横断プラットフォーム構築事業について

加えて、説明会終了後には、毎月学際センターが実施している全分野交流会を同じ会場で開催! この交流会にも引き続き参加していただき、異業種も含めた参加者同士の交流を通して、たっぷり刺激をうけて、気づきやアイデアをゲットしましょう!


16:30- 受付開始
(司会:学際センター 渡辺)

17:00-   :開会挨拶
   学際センター長・副学長 時任宣博

17:05- 18:00: グループごとに参加者同士の交流会 (ファシリ:学際センター 宮野)

この企画に参加した動機を紹介しあい、参加者同士での悩みや問題意識の共有、そして、ユニット制度やWS事業に対して期待することを話し合う! ユニット経験者やWS事業の体験談の共有も!


18:10-18:20: ユニット制度の説明
   説明担当:学際センター 宮野公樹

18:20-18:30: 分野横断プラットフォーム構築事業の説明 及びWSの体験談を紹介
   説明担当:KURA 下重URA

18:30-: 質疑応答 (20分)

18:50-: 閉会




Why don’t you launch your Interdisciplinary research? Interdisciplinary Unit System & Cross-disciplinary Platform Development Project Joint Information Session will be hold. Date & Time: Friday, May 24, 2024, 17:00-19:00 (19:00-21:00: Networking session for all fields) Venue: Kyoto University International Science Innovation Building, 5th floor, Yoshida Campus (access) Target: Faculty and staff of Kyoto University (and faculty and staff of other universities, including URAs, who are interested in the above-mentioned projects) Admission: Free (500 yen for those who wish to continue to the All Fields Networking Session)

●For researchers who
Those who wish to pursue research themes that cross multiple disciplines
Those who are interested in establishing interdisciplinary research groups
People who are looking for colleagues to conduct interdisciplinary research
● In addition, those who are still “fluffy but interested” are also OK People who think that the theme they are pursuing may be multidisciplinary Want to broaden the perspective and breadth of their own research People who would like to have a workshop where people from different fields get together
● Or people who are also like this…
 People who have problems in conducting research in multiple fields  


The Center for the Advancement of Interdisciplinary Education and Research (hereafter referred to as “the Center”) has established a system whereby researchers interested in cross-disciplinary research can establish research groups (units) at the University (21 units as of 2024).
➡️ About the Interdisciplinary Center Unit System https://www.cpier.kyoto-u.ac.jp/project/unitsystem/

In addition, as one of the support programs leading to the establishment of a unit, the University implements a project to support events held by groups that challenge cross-disciplinary research (Project for Establishment of Cross-disciplinary Platform). This project is operated jointly with the Center for the Development of Academic Research (hereinafter referred to as “KURA”), and as of 2024, 106 projects have been implemented.
➡️ About the Project for Establishing Cross-disciplinary Platforms https://www.cpier.kyoto-u.ac.jp/project/platform-with-kura/

In this briefing session, details and specific examples of the Unit System and the Project for Establishing Cross-disciplinary Platforms will be provided, and participants will also have an opportunity to interact with each other to share the joys and concerns of interdisciplinary activities and to meet and team up with new people for the future. In addition, after the briefing session, the monthly interdisciplinary exchange meeting will be held at the same venue! We hope you will continue to participate in this meeting and get plenty of inspiration, insights, and ideas from the exchange with other participants, including those from different industries!

Program (Japanese Only)

16:30- Registration
(Moderator: Mr. Watanabe, Interdisciplinary Center)
17:00- Opening remarks    
Director and Vice President of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Dr. Nobuhiro Tokitoh

17:05- 18:00: Exchange among participants in each group
(Facilitator: Dr. Miyano, Center for Interdisciplinary Research)        Two 20-minute sessions with seat changes Participants introduce each other’s motivation for participating in this project, share their concerns and awareness of problems, and discuss their expectations for the unit system and the WS project! Also sharing experiences of unit experience and WS projects!

Break 10 min.

18:10-18:20: Explanation of the Unit System    
Presented by: Assciate Professor Miyano, Interdisciplinary Center

18:20-18:30: Explanation of the Project for Establishment of Cross-disciplinary Platforms and introduction of WS experience    
Presented by: URA Shimoju, KURA

18:30-: Q&A (20 minutes)     
Responses to the concerns raised in the pre-survey     
Responses to the expectations raised in the pre-survey     Questions and answers from the audience

18:50-: Closing
19:00: Social gathering for all fields at the same venue
(separate registration required)


If you would like to participate in the all-field networking session to be held at the same venue after the briefing session, please kindly register from the Japanese page above. (Japanese Only)


CONTACT | 京都大学学際融合教育研究推進センター

主 催: 京都大学学際融合教育研究推進センター
共 催: 京都大学学術研究展開センター
Organized by: Cpier, Kyoto University
Jointly organized by KURA, Kyoto University